The story has begun from the roofs.

There was a Visionary Man who built sustainable buildings and their roofs. There were Two Skywalkers who loved to climb them. One day they came up with the idea to show other people the city from their perspective. They broke into the buildings and waited. Sometimes they were waiting all days long for a perfect moment to take a photo of the Visionary Man’s work. They sat there in the rain, at night, alone. They had to hide from the police officers and sometimes even struggle with them. But finally, they have achieved their goal. They have created a glimpse of “from the roofs world”, which now you can admire on our website.



Alexander Nikiforov - managing partner

the two skywalkers #PHOTOSHOOTING

Vitaliy Raskalov: Moscow Citi, Yaponskiy Dom, Eropkinskiy 16, Central Bank of Russia, Liget Dukat, Korin P.D. House Museum, Olympic Plaza

Evgeniy Yakushev: Vnukovo Airport, Sheremetyevo Airport, Golden Keys 1 RC, Kenink Business Center, Tretiakov Plaza, Barkli Park, Kempinsky Hotel Nikol'skaya, The Cathedral Church, Alekseevskiy RC, Moscow Wool Spinnig Factory

The story from the roofs

told by The Story agency from St. Petersburg

Dmitry Romanovskiy - idea & mockups
Slawek Barcz - design
Yaroslav Shatkevich - lead programmer
Natalia Lobach - project manager
Ilona Samusa – assistant